Craig Whitaker

President of Native Films and Executive Producer, Craig Whitaker’s 25-year odyssey in the film industry had humble beginnings. He started in the 80’s as a freelance production assistant for numerous South Florida production companies. In 1989, Craig decided to further advance his career and took a position as a representative for Filmworks, a well-respected commercial film production company in Miami. Craig had developed his business skills years before he entered the film industry by working as an associate for his father’s extensive worldwide business venture. This experience provided Craig with a keen business sense and exceptional customer relations skills, which he carried over to the commercial film production industry. Craig continued to polish his abilities at Filmworks in the sales, marketing, and advertising aspects of this industry- all the while developing a loyal client base. In 1991, Craig’s business savvy and production sales experience helped him become an influential factor in the start-up of yet another South Florida production company, Bond Films. In less than two years, as an Executive Producer, Craig expanded the client base, helping the company develop a national reputation. He then worked similar positions at DVLA, South Beach in 1992, followed by Planet Films. Eventually, in 1996, Craig decided to open his own company and Tribe Films was born. Then from Tribe to Native Films and the rest is…history!