Bryan Lahr is a multi faceted creative force. Rumor has it he was born with a marker in his hand and asking for more money…a natural art director. Bryan is an award winning art director/creative director in ad agencies for over 15 years. He was trained by legendary ad guru Ron Seichrist and worked with luminaries Joey Reiman and Bill Westbrook.

He won awards for everything from small temp agencies to Seadoo and Coke. In 1995 he left the agency world to pursue his dream of directing. Known for his work with kids and animals, he’s been shooting commercials and long format shows and episodic series ever since. He has just completed a campaign for the Florida Panthers hockey team that’s getting a lot of attention.

Bryan is an artist and brings a fine art eye to his work. Also an accomplished musician, scoring many projects as well as editing. He really is a one stop shop from concept to completion.